The new COVID-19 virus affected all areas of the global economy and our lives. The pandemic started with a health crisis, then transformed into an economic crisis, and the labor market was not an exception.

Global travel restrictions and regional lockdowns significantly decreased the mobility of the global workforce. International talents locked in their home countries couldn’t travel and work abroad legally.

Despite a little sign of light, it’s hard to estimate when the global economy will return to normal. Work from home has become a new normal. Companies encourage their personnel to maintain social distance and work remotely. Even if they are locked in their home countries.

There is a lot of uncertainty about the future of the labor market and global mobility.

We’re here to help. Using WeHG Global PEO or Employer of Record service you can employ and pay global talents regardless of their geography. We make sure your workforce is onboarded and added to our local payroll in a record time and 100% compliantly.