Compensation and Benefits

As companies expand their operations globally, it becomes essential to provide a consistent level of compensation and benefits to their remote workforce, just as they do for their headquarters-based employees. However, navigating the diverse landscape of country-specific requirements can pose a significant challenge.

Furthermore, offering comprehensive benefit packages can be costly, particularly for small-scale operations or when operating in countries with unique benefit norms. At WeHG, we have the solution to address these complexities and ensure your global workforce receives the compensation and benefits they deserve.

Global Compensation and Benefits Management

Navigating the complexities of global compensation and benefits can be daunting. Our expertise allows us to design tailored solutions that align with your headquarters' standards and meet the unique requirements of each foreign country.

Flexible Solutions: Harmonizing Headquarters and Local Practices

We understand the importance of striking a balance between your headquarters' standards and the regulations of foreign countries. Our flexible solutions ensure that your compensation and benefits packages match both your global standards and the specific requirements of each location.

Enhancing Employee Loyalty

A key benefit of implementing a robust compensation and benefits program is the positive impact it has on employee loyalty. By providing clarity and transparency from the beginning, employees gain a clear understanding of the compensation and benefits they can expect throughout their employment journey.

Embracing Globalization: Empowering Your Workforce with Comprehensive Benefits.

In today’s globalized business landscape, the utilization of variable benefits and incentive pay has become increasingly prevalent worldwide. Employers now have the opportunity to offer a diverse range of benefits to their employees, catering to their unique needs and preferences. At WeHG, we understand the importance of navigating this evolving landscape and helping you design a comprehensive compensation and benefits package that sets you apart as an employer of choice.

A World of Benefits

As an employer, you have the opportunity to provide an array of benefits to your workforce, ensuring their well-being and job satisfaction. These benefits may include:


  • Health and/or life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Vacation and sick leave pay
  • Maternity leave 
  • Pension plans
  • Profit-sharing programs
  • Bonuses and stock options
  • And much more

Understanding Statutory and Optional Benefits

One of the critical aspects of designing an effective benefits package is understanding the distinction between statutory and optional benefits. Each country has its own set of regulations and labor customs that determine the mandatory benefits employers must provide to their employees. Additionally, there are optional benefits that can be offered to enhance the attractiveness of your compensation package. WeHG possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in navigating these complexities. We will guide you through the process, ensuring your benefits package complies with local regulations while remaining competitive in the global labor market.

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Local Knowledge, Global Expertise

When it comes to compensation and benefits, local customs and practices can hold significant influence. In some cases, they may even supersede legal requirements. This is where WeHG's local knowledge and expertise become invaluable. With our deep understanding of the diverse labor markets across the globe, we will help you customize your compensation and benefits package to align with local customs, ensuring compliance and enhancing your competitiveness as an employer.
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