International assignments, visa and work permits for expats

Why do companies choose to send their top employees on international assignments? They do so to successfully launch new products or services abroad, expand their business in new countries, or gain a competitive edge. These assignments are often short-term projects, but sometimes they can evolve into long-term immigration for expatriates.

It all begins with selecting the right candidate, discussing compensation and benefits, considering family members accompanying the employee, applying for necessary visas and work permits, and planning relocation and orientation. All of these activities require careful preparation and organization.

International Assignment Services

We specialize in helping you expand your expatriate workforce in over 150 countries.

Compensation and Benefits

Ensure your employees are fairly compensated according to company policies and foreign country legislation.

Visa and work permits

Leave the immigration process and work permit sponsorship to us.

Want to send your talent on an international assignment? We can help.

Typical reasons for an international assignment include the following:

  • Intra-company transfers to fill vacancies.
  • Technology transfer to the client’s premises.
  • Market research prior setting up a subsidiary company.
  • Introduction of new products or services.
  • Others purposes.

Once a candidate is selected, it is crucial to secure the necessary visas and permits. Our team of experts will guide you through the requirements and processing times, which can vary by country.

Key considerations to address before the assignment include:

  • Duration and location of the assignment.
  • Company-covered expenses (e.g., relocation, travel, housing, family relocation, car rental, local office, school costs, home visits, etc.).
  • Salary, allowances, or benefits offered.
  • Employee’s duties and terms of the employment contract.
  • Trial period or contract renewals.
  • Repatriation plans.

Throughout the entire process, our experts will provide comprehensive guidance. WeHG will act as your legal employer and sponsor the necessary documents, visas, and work permits (where applicable). We will draft a local employment contract and onboard your candidate in the country of the project.

Why choose international assignments? They open doors to launching new products, expanding into new markets, and gaining a competitive advantage. Our team specializes in helping you achieve these goals, providing personalized solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

From selecting the right candidates and discussing compensation packages to obtaining the necessary work permits and visas, our seamless process ensures a smooth transition for your employees. We handle all aspects of the relocation process, including family considerations and orientation.

When it comes to compensation and benefits, we adhere to company policies and foreign country legislation, ensuring your employees are fairly rewarded. Our expertise in visa and work permit support guarantees compliance and efficient processing, saving you valuable time and resources.

Contact us today to discuss your international assignment requirements. Our dedicated team will guide you through the entire process, acting as your legal employer and sponsoring the necessary documents. With WeHireGlobally, you can confidently expand your global workforce and seize new opportunities.


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