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If you are looking for the compliant International PEO, Employer of Record service - WeHG is your best choice. It is a global professional employer organization that will support you in the process of global expansion. Hiring and managing your global workforce was never that simple. By choosing our services you will no longer have to experience bureaucratic red tape, other legal complications and unforeseeable costs.

We serve companies of any size, from big multinational corporations that want to conquer new markets to startups growing fast that already have remote team members abroad. There are no limits on the number of employees or the duration of the project, we can support your projects from 1 candidate and 1 month. We make sure your talents are onboarded quickly, easily, and paid in accordance with local legislation.

Onboard in days, not months

You want the benefit of being able to manage

Shift the worry from your shoulders to ours

Your company wants to quickly expand operations in a new country

All the gain, none of the pain

Expand globally

How It Works

If your company wants to enter new markets where you don't have a local entity, and you don't want to master local laws and regulations, tax peculiarities, WeHG is here to help you with a compliant and fast Employer of record solution.
You may also consider setting up your own company in a country of project, however, this could be time-consuming and cost you a lot of money and effort.
We offer you a solution to mitigate risk, take the administrative burdens off your shoulders while you maintain full operational control of your global team.

With WeHG

  • You’ve got one global service agreement, on point of contact, unified invoice for international PEO services in more than 150 countries.
  • We ensure smooth and compliant onboarding, local employment contracts tailored to your needs.
  • Your candidate is quickly added to our payroll and registered with governmental bodies. 
  • We bear all the employer’s responsibility while you maintain full operational control of your candidate. 
  • Reward your worker with benefits and perks, reimburse expense, travel, accommodation, etc via our single invoice. 
  • Get detailed stats on the project status: territory, number of employees, payout date, accrued paid holidays, days off and much more.
  • Get a unified invoice once per month for all your projects. 
  • Add new employees or terminate existing contracts with ease and in accordance with the local legislation. 
  • Start your operations in foreign countries within days not months.

Without WeHG

  • You have two options: set up a subsidiary or work with an independent contractor. The first option is compliant but time and money consuming. The second one is cost-efficient but may be risky in terms of compliance and worker’s loyalty.
  • Company incorporation can take up to 12 months and cost you thousands of dollars, and don’t forget to hire a local accountant, lawyers, local director and open a bank account. This list can go on and on.  
  • You spend money on the legal adviser to draft the employment contract and the accountant to run the payroll. 
  • You deal with local tax and labor authorities 
  • There are monthly costs to maintain the company, expenses on the accountant to file taxes and annual returns. Then legal expenses to wind down the operations and close the business if you want to leave the country.
  • You bear all the costs, legal hurdles, waste time and effort to manage one or a few employees who are there just to test the market.  
  • So all these issues and hiccups could be avoided at a fraction of cost with one global partner using a 100% compliant EOR solution. 
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We mitigate employment risks, so you can focus on your core business.

WeHG takes care of all the onboarding hurdles, payroll, compensation and benefits, tax filing, and termination of employment. Our Employer of Record solution allows you to manage your overseas teams efficiently while minimizing cost and risk.

Experience our customized services that will meet all your international business needs.

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