Getting Started

  • What is a Global Employer of Record?

    A Global Employer of Record service is a way to hire international employees without setting up a subsidiary. In other words, Employer of Record adds their clients’ foreign candidates to their already established infrastructure. Thus, the client doesn’t need to invest time and money in setting up their own legal entity abroad while maintaining full operational control of the remote personnel.

  • How does WeHG help?

    Hire Global Talent

    WeHireGlobally is your reliable partner in more than 150 countries. We can help you tap to the global pool of talents, engage and retain your global workforce with a 100% compliant employment solution.

    1. Find the right talent in the project country
    2. We onboard your candidate, sign local employment contract, add to our payroll while you retain full operational control
    3. First payroll cycle. We calculate and pay out the salary, file taxes, reimburse expenses, provide benefits etc. 
  • Is It Easier to Hire Foreign Contractors?

    It could be tempting to hire an independent contractor, less paperwork, less stress, right? Not really. This option is cost-effective initially, however, it can turn into a serious legal and financial disaster. Local tax and labor authorities may consider your activity in the country as permanent establishment or hidden employment relations. The consequences could be financial and legal penalties. Global PEO or EOR mitigate misclassification risks and help you navigate local tax regulations and laws.