Benefits of Building an International Team

During a brief chat with the founder of an upcoming startup in California, he related his experience on the importance, challenges, and benefits of having a global team. In the chat, he said, “working with a team of remote and global professionals has been of great help to our startup. We attend to situations quickly we were able to reach and communicate with our customers on time. We experience about a 120% increase in profit as compared to when we are inbound, etc. international expansion is a strategy every company is swiftly running towards today. The quick rise in emerging technologies, industrialization, and globalization is during the market to a great height. Many companies are going global to leverage the asset in the new market, culture, talent, etc. The improved speed and spread of technology and innovation around the globe have expanded the market reach of businesses, lower the cost of operations, services, and products, increase profitability, and many more. 

One of the greatest benefits of going global is the access to a large pool of talent and the acquisition of brilliant, skilled, and top-notch talents. Having the right team of individuals around you on a project is one the best thing that can ever happen to you as an employer. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the top benefits companies tend to gain from having a global team.

Increased Productivity

This is one of the biggest benefits of working as a team across borders. Having a global/international team enhances productivity among workers and within the company. It gives employees the liberty of working within any timeframe and at any place. Since access to an international team gives us access to individuals from different time zones and backgrounds, so work can go on nonstop (24/7). This uniqueness will lead to increased speed in delivering tasks, improved customer satisfaction, consistent meeting of targets, etc. in fact, more products and services will be available for business since production time has been shortened. Interestingly, there is a significant rise in the level of results obtained by businesses since production time has been reduced while contact time is increased, thus, enabling more time for feedback. 

Lower Cost of Management

When dealing with local or in-country experts, companies tend to use a larger amount of money due to extra costs incurred. In an in-country team, most of the workforce only work for 8 hours per day and they collect optimal wages and salaries for a day job. The extra cost spent on some inbound compensation schemes and night shifts are not needed when building a team of international talents. One of the benefits of working in a team of international professionals is that you don’t get to spend on unnecessary things such as night shifts, landed allowance, cost of security, etc. For instance, hiring and working with talents in the United States is very costly as compared to other countries. The standard and cost of living are higher, you have to pay certain taxes, the minimum wage is higher, the cost of office management is high, etc. But when you explore from the pool of talents outside the US, you spend lesser. Thus, employers have more money to manage their team when they decide to go global. 

Easy Market Integration

An organization that chooses to work with a team of international talents will enjoy quick and easy access and integration to new markets and the global market as a whole. A team of international talents will provide you with individuals that are well versed in the culture of the areas you are operating in. their knowledge of the culture will enhance business interaction, help identify competitors, attract and increase customer base, enhance communication flow within the new market, etc. your international employees will be in the best position to assist you in managing and controlling all associated risks and issues within the new market. Because of their understanding of their local market and environment, they help employers in assessing and analyzing any change in the system and thus create better strategies that will boost profitability and performance.

Diversity in the Organization

The company’s diversity is one of the major benefits of working in teams of international members. When your employees are limited within the borders of the United States, they will be restricted to the United States culture alone. However, when you decide to engage the services of talents from other parts of the world, your existing culture gets connected with theirs. Thus, there will be an existence of diversity in the company. Employees tend to benefit from the expertise and skills of others in creating a good working environment, solve problems, create new strategies, etc. Employees also benefit by leaving the culture and language of other colleagues, and thus, they enjoy and live out the culture of others in love.

Creativity and Innovation

Having a global team in your organization is a very important step to breed, develop, and propagate innovation and creativity within an organization. When you work with just in-country employees alone, you will be limited to ideas and similar cultures and backgrounds, so your solution statement might be similar. However, imagine you have employees from Africa, Asia, or Europe in your team, you have the chance of exploring new ideas and concepts, diverse solutions are suggested to a problem. We now get the chance of leveraging the creativity of your workers and thus, your business has diverse ways of solving problems. This even gives room for fewer problems, and more collaboration because everyone will be willing to learn from the ideas of others. 

Access to Wide Variety of Knowledge and Experience

There are several benefits of working on a team of international talents from which companies can benefit from. Working with a team of global employees gives the employer unlimited access to a pool of talent, skill, knowledge, experience, and education. Going across borders won’t limit you to talents within your country of project alone but you the opportunity of selecting specialized talents from other nations with particular expertise. For instance, an academic employer should explore the Asian market for good medical and engineering tutors. You can also enjoy the experience, education, and skill of individuals that are very proficient in a particular field while building tour international tam. You won’t be restricted to just a particular skill set or the prominent skillset or level of education and expertise within your country. Thus, you begin to expand the team’s knowledge, enjoy diversity in knowledge and expertise, etc. this diversity provides your organization with excellent decision-making and problem-solving capacity. 

How WeHireGlobally Helps

WeHG offers you the best employer of record and global PEO services in building your international team. We provide you with the needed support for a safe and quick international expansion. We also give you the opportunity of partnering with us in the co-employment of your new hires as we help you in engaging and retaining your employees with our good services. We also assist you in managing HR tasks in your respective country of project. With us, you are assured of complete mitigation of risks that are associated with international expansion and also ensure 100% compliance in our activities. There is no limit to the number of hires or duration of the project with which we can work with. 

Benefits of Building an International Team

  • What is the Importance of International Teamwork?

    International teamwork givers the company improved profitability and productivity. It also promotes cultural diversity, outstanding growth, and increased connectedness and resilience in the new market. International teamwork helps employees in becoming quick thinkers, excellent problem solvers, learn new ideas and concepts, enhance skills and knowledge, etc.

  • What are the Benefits of Working for a Global Company?

    Employees get to enjoy multilevel benefits and compensations when working with a global company. They enjoy a high salary when compared to how local companies pay their employees. They get to learn and build on ideas, concepts, and knowledge of talents from other countries. These are just a few out of the wide range of benefits employees enjoy for working for a global company.

  • What Advantages are there to Groups/Teams comprised of National/Global Members?

    The benefits of working in groups and teams which constitute individuals from different backgrounds and nationality include cross-cultural interaction, access to new culture creativity and innovation, enhanced speed, improved productivity, etc.

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