Greece PEO & Employer of Record

WeHG provides an International PEO and worldwide Employer of Record service in Greece to companies willing to enter the Greek market or hire local/expat employees in this area.

The common approach demands establishing a subsidiary in Greece.  However, our solution allows you to start the operations in Greece within days hence save time and money.  WeHG would hire candidates on your behalf while you keep full operational control of their work. So legally they would be our employees, on our local payroll, 100% compliant but will work on your behalf.

Greece fast facts

Population, million: 10
Land area: 131,957 km²
Capital: Athens
Local currency: EUR

GDP per capita:$ 18,168
GDP in currency:$ 194,376

Located in Southern Europe, Greece has a population of 10 million people and its capital is Athens city. Gratefully to its location on the southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula, the country shares its borders with Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Greece gained independence from the Ottoman Empire on March 25, 1821.

The country is a member of the European Union, NATO, UN, Council of Europe, OSCE, and belongs to developing countries. Greece has democracy and universal suffrage. About 97% of the population are Orthodox Christians.

Hiring, Negotiating and Doing Business in Greece

Necessity of written employment contract

A written contract is necessary for part-time employment.

Different forms of engagement: employment, contracting, work with private entrepreneur

1 1 - Greece

Greece Employment Contract

Types of employment agreements

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Greece working hours

On average, the total amount of working hours through a week is 40 which means that the regular shift should not exceed 8 hours. Meanwhile, the employer can extend this total amount to 45 hours (duration of one shift – 9 hours in the case of 5 working days). 


Overtime payment is calculated as a statutory increase of 20% from the hourly salary. Any excess time is defined as overtime if the normal shift of 8-9 hours has been extended.

Vacation leave in Greece

Duration of vacation, due to the Labor Code of Greece, depends on the total employment record:

3 1 - Greece

Greece Maternity Leave

During the first 18 months after the birth of a child and in the case of the following after-birth sicknesses, a female employee is protected from employment contract termination by the Law. The only possible conditions for a contract termination during this time can be an increase in formal requirements and a significant violation. 

The duration of a maternity leave due to the Greek Labor Code is 17 weeks (divided before and after the birth of a child; 8/9). 

Greek Severance Laws

During the first year of employment, termination of a contract can be without notice and severance payment. Thereafter, the minimum notice periods are:

4 1 - Greece

In case of the contract termination without notice, the employer is obliged to pay the compensation; if there was a prior notice, he has to pay half of the severance payment.

Greece Tax

Employment income is taxed at progressive rates as follows:

  • 0 to EUR 25,000: 22%.
  • EUR 25,000 to EUR42,000: 32%.
  • Over EUR 42,000: 42%.

Social security contributions paid by the employees vary depending on the social security fund, the benefit plans and supplemental insurance.

Health Insurance Benefits in Greece

Health insurance in Greece is an additional bonus provided by the companies which are entitled to afford free health/dental care for employees who have been working for more than 50 days during the latest 15 months. 

Additional Benefits in Greece

Additional bonuses for employees can be provided by companies (but not necessarily) and may include cars, health insurance, housing allowances. Meanwhile, take into consideration that the Greek Labor Code does not demand affording such provisions from employers. 

Employers are entitled to provide employees with the main conditions on health insurance, claimed by the Law. However, companies are free to provide workers with private medical services to receive better coverage. Commonly, employers survey what kind of health insurance is the most preferable amongst employees of their industry and compare approaches of competitive companies.

General market practice benefits/additional allowances

Greece allows worldwide businesses to receive benefits such as high-qualitative logistics, communication infrastructure; a well-educated workforce, and specialists of different areas. In addition, Greek people are well-known as talented entrepreneurs, and this capability is reflected in national culture. One of the specific allowances in Greece is an exemption of import duties on goods that are manufactured in the UK. The “booming” sectors include:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Renewable energy
  • Shipping equipment and services
  • Information and Communication technologies
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Cosmetics and Beauty products
  • Maritime and Border Security

Greece Holidays

Every year Greek people celebrate such holidays:

  • 25 March.
  • Easter Monday.
  • 1 May.
  • 15 August.
  • 28 October (optional holiday).
  • Christmas (25 December).

Why Choose WeHireGlobally

WeHG takes care of all the onboarding hurdles, payroll, compensation and benefits, tax filing, and termination of employment. Our Employer of Record solution allows you to manage your overseas teams efficiently while minimizing cost and risk.


FAQ Greece

  • Working hours in Greece

    Weekly working time is set at 40 hours. Assuming that these hours are divided equally, the daily working time is eight hours in a five-day working week or six hours and 40 minutes in case of a six-day working week. However, working time can be extended (unilaterally by the employer) to 45 hours per week for a five-day working week (nine hours per day) and 48 hours per week for a six-day working week (eight hours per day).

  • What are the main holidays in Greece?

    • 25 March.
    • Easter Monday.
    • 1 May.
    • 15 August.
    • 28 October (optional holiday).
    • Christmas (25 December).
  • What are payroll taxes in Greece?

    • 0 to EUR25,000: 22%.
    • EUR25,000 to EUR42,000: 32%.
    • Over EUR42,000: 42%.
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